2015 – The Year of Abundance

Those of you familiar with Numerology understand the importance of its influence on our entire life, from the moment we are born through the repeated nine year cycles during our life, plus the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly influences that numerology  gives to us whether we understand or even believe in it or not.

Numbers have a great deal of meaning and influence over our lives, and like astrology and its planetary alignment at the time of our birth, the numbers play a significant part of what contributes to our life experiences. 

In numerology, all number totals are broken down to the lowest single digit number, so that means numbers 1-9 primarily. In the case of 2015, add the numbers together and the sum is ‘8”. The number eight in numerology means abundance, thus 2015 will be a year of abundance.

You are always in the midst of sharing an energetic story, and your energetic story is the core of your reality. You share your energy to specific people, ideas, beliefs, fears, and things that are included in your life. What you want is for your energetic investments (and your shared energy is always an investment into your life experiences) to raise you up, feed your spirit, and help your vital assets multiply!

Abundance can show up in many formats: as money, promotions, new job/career, new opportunities, new partners or team players, new relationships, maybe the birth of a child, and so forth. So we’re not just talking about more money into our lives, even though that certainly can be part of it, but many new possibilities. Energy is currency, for what goes out from you comes back in, and that definitely includes money!

Of course, since we humans have the inborn power of choice and the gift of free will, you have the power to block abundance from showing up in your life. Anything that is based in fear or has a negative core can block completely or at the very least slow down any abundance trying to enter your life. Fear-based thinking produces low vibrational energy and abundance has a base in love, a high vibration. You most probably know that scientifically, a low vibration cannot create high vibrational experiences – it just isn’t possible. Therefore,  it is imperative for you to keep your vibration as high as possible so you can welcome in all the abundance which will be available to you in 2015.

So how do you raise your vibration to a high level and open up to receive the abundance awaiting you? You must consciously focus on the positive, loving aspects of everything in your life. Expressions of the positive, which are based in love, are things such as forgiveness, acceptance, appreciation, compassion, serenity, flowing with the current of life – spreading love! All of these expressions empower you, and living as an empowered being is definitely living in a higher vibration.

One of the most powerful tools of empowerment that raises your vibration is gratitude. When you appreciate people and let them know this, it will instantly raise your vibration to a higher level and open the door to blessings because gratitude is the essence of abundance. Everyone likes to be appreciated, and if you ever want an individual to respond to you more positively, simply begin by appreciating them and telling them you do. Our human nature automatically begins responding more favorably because being appreciated feels good and we want more of it! It also refers to appreciating blessings and miracles that are part of every day – just take a moment to say ‘Thank you.”

Acceptance is another powerful tool of empowerment that raises your vibration to a high level. When you accept people for who they are and don’t try to change them, you empower them which in turn empowers you. With acceptance you rid yourself of the negative attempt to control others, which frees you to be you and that other person to be who they want to be.

However, even though the two expressions of love I mentioned above certainly raise your vibration to a high level, one of the most powerful, healing expressions of love is forgiveness. Forgiveness allows you to let go of the need to be “right” and simply accepts the person and situation as it is. Forgiveness frees you from carrying the weight of anger, frustration, control, bitterness, rage, hurt, disappointment and all the negative feelings we often hold onto from experiences that happened in our lives. Surely you see you are the one suffering from carrying this weight around, not the other person, so technically, they have control over your life as long as you hold onto that negative feeling.

Understand that forgiveness does not mean you are okaying what someone did to you, but by forgiving them you free yourself and allow God and the universe to take care of whatever consequences they deserve. Every behavior and action has an end result, either positive or negative, and if something is created from a negative place it will eventually bring about a negative consequence for that individual. The key is for you to step away and free yourself while letting the karma that person put out come back to them in divine timing. However, you do have the right to tell that person the truth as you see it, but then let it all go. 

So now as you enter a new year – one that holds such promise for a great deal of abundance to flow into your life (which I know you want) – focus on expressions of love to keep your vibration high so the abundance can flow right into your life. This is how you empower your energetic story so you can receive the abundance you deserve and want. If you find yourself criticizing someone, feeling angry or hurt, judging someone according to your beliefs, trying to control someone, immediately switch your thoughts to loving expressions and cancel out those negative influences that keep your vibration and energy spiraling downward.  Remember, you may not be able to change the circumstances, but you certainly can change your reaction to it! So…focus on what raises you up and nurtures you, not what pulls you down or keeps you in a low energy state. 2015 can be an amazing year for you – the possibilities are endless – as long as you keep your energetic vibration high!










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